Heather has the ability to take a difficult mouth and put the pieces of the puzzle back together.” “Her work is thorough and very effective in restoring functional use of the mouth again.

Santa Rosa, Ca Equine Veterinarian

The professional service and care that the horses receive is outstanding! Much forethought and planning goes into providing the high level quality of service and work that is provided. I am impressed with not only the work but the positive impact that the dental work has had on my horses. They are much more relaxed, training issues have dissipated, their overall condition has been greatly enhanced and they are simply much more comfortable and capable of performing now. All of the horses have been eating very well following the dental work!

Anne, from Sonoma, Ca

My clients have continuously praised my work as have the veterinarians that I work with in California. I have been successful in adding a much needed service in the broad spectrum of equine health care and have enhanced the lives of many horses of all ages and all breeds. The bottom line is that it does not matter if your horse is a performance horse or a pasture ornamnet. All horses deserve proper dental care and they all experience the dental abnormalities and issues common to equines. This practice is dedicated to promoting and providing health and well being to all horses.

I wanted you to know how well Alloy is doing. Heather – I cannot believe the difference. I haven’t put a bit in his mouth yet, just a hackamore. He’s calmer, his eyes are soft, even his trot is different. It is effortless. I can ride him bareback with ease, he’s relaxed, he’s not throwing himself forward, easy light circles…heaven. I am absolutely in awe of the change. I’m interested to see how he will respond to the bit tomorrow. No balled up hay, nothing, he’s just cruising. The day after he was sore, wouldn’t let me touch his head but I gave him a little bute on a cookie in the morning and night.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping him. I can’t bear to think of the pain he was in before. I look forward to seeing you and Kristin in March/April.
Thank you for the advice on other options!

Thanks, Nicole & Alloy San Francisco, California

Hi Heather,
A quick update on Rocky (remember he’s the 22 year old thoroughbred up in Forestville that you worked on ) Rocky is doing much much better! He stopped quid ding as much almost immediately although he still had a lot of hay left over (before he had been chewing up and spitting out all of his hay so there were quids everywhere). Now, he is eating much more of his hay with just one or two quids a day that I can find. He still leaves the thickest stems however I know that he is getting most of the hay. I am also seeing some loose manure in the field which is usual for him at this time of year and am not seeing quids out there as I had before so I think he is eating the green grass very well and is able to chew it up. I am very very happy. If you have anyone who has an older horse who has questions about whether your dentistry will help them, please feel free to use me as a reference.
Both Rocky and I thank you so much! We’ll keep in touch and will see you if necessary in 6 months and definitely in a year.

Elinor Biller

“Heather is a perfectionist and will not quit until the work is done properly”. “Her hard work and dedication to equine dentistry have only enhanced my practice and placed more credibility on how well an equine veterinarian and an equine dentist can work together for the common goal of the well being of the animal”