We (the supervising veterinarian and myself) provide dental evaluations and consulting in addition to performing the actual dental maintenance procedures. Dental evaluations are included for each horse prior to the dentistry.

 An evaluation will include a description of the condition of the teeth and the gum tissue, aging the horse, and recommended treatment.  Following every dental procedure for each horse, the owner will receive a written record of the mouth, explaining the condition of the mouth and future treatment.

We provide full mouth dental rebalancing. Extractions of deciduous teeth, molar caps, incisor caps, wolf teeth and teeth that have become mobile and diseased due to periodontal disease and or injury or cracked/fractured teeth. Every measure is taken to first save the tooth in question if this is an option. 

Bite alignments to the Incisor table  are done to bring the molar arcades into balance and occlusion with one another. Thus promoting better lateral excursion and the ability to grind food particles into small digestible particles and enable the horse to get the most nutrient value from their feed.

Dental clinics for groups of horses from 5 or more horses per day are provided.

Dental Consultations for a fee of $175.00 are also provided. If a full dental procedure is done the consultation fee will be waived.

 Dental Evaluations, aging the horse, routine to advanced dental equilibration of the mouth is provided. Incisor bite alignments are always done following the molar corrective work so that the entire mouth will be in full occlusion and balance.

We provide care for all ages and breeds of horses, including mules and donkeys. 

We provide service throughout the state of California, covering Northern California, Central California and Southern California