Our Promise

  • To provide no harm to any equine/only to improve the overall health and improve the functioning of the mouth.
  • To do age appropriate equine dental maintenance. To provide a service in conjunction with veterinary supervision that offers the equine client affordable and competent care.
  • To provide early identification ( the veterinarian and myself) of potential dental problems and to educate the client to the importance of equine dental maintenance.
  • To help the client identify dental issues with their horse and to become familiar with and recognize warning signs of a dental issue.
  • To have our clients implement a dental maintenance program of every 6 months.
  • To achieve and maintain proper balance and occlusion throughout the mouth. The proper balance being the amount of pressure on the TMJ, the Molar Tables and then the Incisors.
  • To provide optimum dental (oral) care to our clients at an affordable rate.To use the best in instrumentation to meet the needs of the client.

Our Business

This equine dental care practice is committed to excellence and professionalism. Our goal is to help horses be more comfortable and to be able to perform without pain. We are gentle, consciousness, and treat every horse with extreme care and respect. This business originated out of the San Francisco Bay area which has a very large equestrian community. We are now established in southern California and we are taking new clients.

We service Dressage Barns, Jumping Barns, Eventing Barns, Western Pleasure, etc. We have many clients who want the best in care for their horses and we provide just that. HLB Equine Dentistry and Consulting has established a strong presence, and has established a strong working relationship with many equine veterinarians throughout California.

Heather Bo grew up with horses and has always been involved in the equestrian world. Heather has a beautiful Thoroughbred that is used for jumping. Most importantly Heather knows the importance of health care and understands the love and devotion we have with our horses. Heather is committed to providing excellent dentistry and is very compassionate with all animals.

Using an Equine Dental practitioner vs DVM