Extraction Case of broken incisor

Extraction Case of lower 103 incisor. History: 21 year old paint mare presented with a broken incisor. The rest of the incisors look healthy, and this horse has received regular dental care throughout her life on an annual basis.

The 103 incisor presented with a fractured/broken tooth. Most of the clinical crown of the tooth was diseased and therefore needing to be extracted. This tooth was necrotic and very diseased and painful.

The attending veterinarian appropriately sedated the horse for this procedure and then performed a quadrant block and then blocked locally around the tooth so the horse would feel no pain. Quadrant blocks are highly effective, and help in preventing unnecessary tissue damage as the horse will not feel pain and thus less likely to move or throw the head in avoidance of the procedure. Instruments called elevators are used to break down the periodontal attachment to the tooth and to remove the tooth / pieces of tooth once all attachment has been broken down.