Acupuncture Clinics with Dr. O’Hara.

Acupuncture services are offered with Dr. O’Hara DVM in conjunction with dental clinics. This practice is equipped to meet the dental needs as well as other services that you may like to have performed on your horse. Dr O’Hara is extremely effective in her acupunture service and has been successful in restoring strength to the muscle groups and thus helping the horse to use his/her body effectively and thus helping to reduce further injury.

Acupuncture Services are offered by Leticia O’Hara, DVM, CVA of On Point Acupuncture and Veterinary Services, Inc.

Serving primarily the East Bay, North Bay, and Sacramento region

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Why Acupuncture?

Acupuncture has been performed for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese medicine. As further research continues in acupuncture, there is growing scientific evidence that acupuncture is a very useful therapy to integrate with Western medicine in helping alleviate various ailments. An additional benefit of acupuncture is that there are virtually no negative side effects, unlike medications.

What diseases or conditions can acupuncture treat/help?

How does acupuncture work?

Thin needles are inserted at specific locations. These locations are generally in areas of muscle tightness and near neurovascular pathways in order to stimulate nerve function and blood flow. This helps relax muscles, decrease inflammation, promote healing, and decrease pain.

Who can practice acupuncture?

Only licensed veterinarians that have undergone acupuncture training and certification may perform acupuncture on animals.

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About Dr. O’Hara:

Dr. O’Hara earned her BS, MS, and DVM degrees at the University Of California, Davis. She completed  acupuncture training and certification for both small and large animals through the CuraCore Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians in Colorado.